Saturday, 19 February 2011

Speedo Mount

Today's task - Speedo Mount.

Decided to drop the ammeter, and go for a "crotch mount"

Bent up some 10mm bar to make an arm to hold it in place

Welded on a plate to allow it to be bolted to the frame:-

Then a bit of extra weld to allow for some shape to be added - you can see the different directions of the curves in this shot:-

I decided that i wanted a ring around the rim of the speedo, not having a roller that does round, I had to improvise by welding the bar to some tube to bend it round...

This is as close as I could get it by bending it - the metal wanted to spring back

I just resorted to tightening it in the bar in the vice...

Got it somewhere near round

Then made an arm for the back

There would need to be some trimming to get the 2 elements to match

Bolted the arm on to the frame (after welding in some threaded lugs

Then cut and welded on the top section...

And with the Speedo in situ...

I need to make a small plate for the back to allow it to be screwed in place, but pleased with the outcome!

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