Thursday, 17 February 2011

Let There Be Light!!!!

Been away the past couple of days, and nothing done on the bike - so when I got back from Brizzol this evening I set myself the task of doing the numberplate lights.

The first effort was a bit slap dash - I know that its not gonna be seen, but it looked a right dogs dinner.

It worked really well - although as if by fate my cat rubbed up against the power pack and knocked it up to 20 Volts (cheers Freya!) which fried the LED's!

Then it dawned on me that i had some wiring strip board stuff that I bought a couple of years ago, so i cut it all up and started again:-

laid the LED's and resistors out, with the positive leg of the bulb sharing a strip with one of the resistor ones (effectively using 3 strips) and with the LED's able to fit in their holders.

Soldered it up.

Now as I wanted the resistors to only act to one LED, you use one of these bradawl thinks to split the copper links by cutting the copper off as you can see in this:-

A hell of a lot neater I'm sure you'll agree!

And for the grand unveiling of the lights:-

Pukker Job!

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