Saturday, 26 February 2011

Bars and Tank

Picked myself up after yesterdays annoyance with the wheels, and
thought i'd get a few things done off the list.

Got the 2 handlebar switches threaded in to the bars (not as easy as it looks)
and grub screwed both the inverted levers in place. I think the bung for the
levers is some mega strong stainless stuff -buggered up 3 drills and took ages
to thread!

picked up a different pop riveter in Newark last time - so got the holders for
the thermic breakers in place. also had to mount a switch for the speedo
(i think it it the trip switch) in the fakey oil tank.

the list is getting smaller thank god! i'll be using a 21 front wheel now -
and it will be a drum - so no faffing about with the cable operated hydraulic
master cylinder nonsence!

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