Friday, 11 February 2011

Engine Rebuilt Part 2

Hunted high and low for all the boxes of bits that came with the engines and took what I thought I needed over to Toddy's yesterday.

First job of the day was to take the valves out - hadn't done this before either - so watched Toddy take them out with the valve spring compressor. The valves had quite a lot of crap on them so it was definitely needed.

First top tip - write down what valves came from what side and put them on a piece of paper..

The valves needed a clean up - so they were put in a drill and cleaned up, making sure I didn't scrape or emery paper the lip that seals the valve off..

It was amazing the difference between the inlet and exhaust valves, the crap on the exhaust ones was pretty thick. 

While we were doing this we noticed some fins that had been broken that I hadn't seen on the head:-

I nipped off to get some food, and when I came back Toddy had already run a seam of weld on the bottom longer fin which had been cracked:-

Then with some grinding back of the damaged areas Toddy rapidly welded up the fins to get some fins back. I was amazed how fast he did this!!!

Little more welding

Must have forgotten to take a picture of it done and ground back, but it looks brilliant!

Next up was to grind the valves in the head - individually the valves were placed in to the head, and ground back with some grinding paste and an electric drill...

All done and the head was looking in fine fettle!

Next up, putting the head on the cylinder block:-

cam fitted, timing done and the chain tensioned...

Unfortunately we had to stop about here - there were a couple of spacers and seals missing from the head and a bell washer for the clutch. A real shame to not get it finished, but progress none the less....

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