Tuesday, 15 February 2011

LED Wiring.......

I've been trying to look up the best way to wire up the LED's for my numberplate. I have them all resistored up and held in holders ready to go at 12v. They will need to be run in parallel, but I cant seem to find out a way to wire them properly. All the projects I've seen online have used boards to mount the LED's but I haven't the space for that, and it would be a bit of a waste.

here are the LED's sitting in their holders:-

I've sketched up what i think are the 2 ways of doing it,

1. wire a red wire to each leg and then cover with heat shrink to protect
2. wire the legs of the LED's together then put a single wire at the end

1 seems to be logical, but what would i put at the end where all the wires connect? I remember something about not having a mass of cables and solder together as it may act as a capacitor or get warm.......

comments greatly appreciated as ever........

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