Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I picked up a cheap tank i bought from ebay today, from an old excelsior. Its a bit rusty, but it'll be alright i think.

Problem is the bloody thing wont fit on the bike as the tunnel is too small!!

So, went and got a bit of metal from the local fab place, only thing is they wouldnt heat and bend it for me! balls! i would say the most frustrating thing i'm finding is that i have a distinct lack of tools up here, and i cant just keep buying them. Decided to have a go at annealing it myself, and swiftly eyed up some nice council galv hand rails near my place. Slicghtly over sized at 60mm, but better than nothing. After about what seemed like 3 hours with a plumbers burane blowtorch i put my formidable weight over the metal and the hand rail.

Its not perfect, but i'm pretty pleased with the outcome.

Got an hours work to do in the office, then i'm getting the old grinder out to have a play at cutting this old piece of biking history up! mwah-ha-ha-ha!

Also picked up a new argon bottle (there goes this weekends beer fund) so i can get my welding done today i hope.

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