Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The tank has been the bloody Bain on my life, god knows how many hours I’ve spent sanding this bugger down! Had a massive run down the tank which I had to sand back, then re paint, then went and bloody did it again.
This is my spray booth!!

Got it all finished and the final cover on and put it in the back bedroom for safe keeping. I couldn’t believe it when my bloody kittens had scaled up a small bookcase, which toppled over and smacked into the tank!!!!! Another session of sanding down, filling and re-spraying.

Had a bit of a play with gold leafing as previous, and wanted to have a bash on the tank. I wasn’t really sure what to put on the tank, had various ideas, which grew and grew until I had drawn up a design that looked like Lawrence Llewellen-Bowen had draw it up. After the comments on the back plate for the number plate looking like a sign for a gay bar, I had a re-think and realised that it doesn’t need to look perfect, and too contrived. So I brought it back to the shed built roots, and just decided to freehand some lettering on the tank. Armed with liquid mask and my beloved sharpies I just roughed out some lettering for leafing.

As you can see in the second picture, I could doodle about on the mask to get things right.

I also drew up some freehand outlines of a scallop type shape on the side of the tank.

Armed with a scalpel I cut out the designs as best as possible, and sized up the design one piece at a time

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