Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Spent more time on the bike this weekend - outside of course! i spend hours yesterday chasing holes aroung the welds i had to make for the new tunnel. started off with 2 tiny pinholes, but at one stage i got upto 6 leaks with the old - just one more lick with the TIG!!!! how frustrating.

With all the leaks bunged up it was a case of getting the filler out and getting it looking nice. I hadnt quite realised how the heat and cutting about had altered the shape of the tank, so as well as around the "blanking panels" the bottom had valleyed (the only work i could think of) making the underside a bit unsightly.

Now i'm not a fan of filler - would prefer not to have to use it - but ive had to have a good crack at this one to get it looking right. (ive spent the whole weekend looking like ive been lightly dusted in icing sugar!!!!)

This is where the majority of the filler is!

then set about it with various wet and dry grades before the first lick with primer to see how many small blemishes there were!

What do you think to my improved spray area!

Took another 3 sessions of filling and sanding to get it half decent, and this is how it sits tonight in its rightful place!

the more attentive of you will realise that there are no mounts for it as yet - they will be welded on shortly (ran out of Gas AGAIN!) and so no more work for the tank for now. in saying that its looking quite nice!

after the mounts i'll be lining the tank before spraying and maybe some fancy lettering before clear coat

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