Wednesday, 1 September 2010

it its been busy times recently with work, so the bike has been neglected. managed to snatch a couple of hours on the bike tonight.

Been held up with everything with the seat mount. i ended up buying one in the end, and got it welded onto the frame today. als got some lugs from sumo to sit the springs on, so had to tack them in place.

i got some different foam sent to me from the lovely Mr Caulfield, so with abit of carpet adhesive, i got it stick on the seat pan. Found it a bit of a bugger to get it to stick at the edges because of the curve, but stuck with it, and persevered in the end.

cut the majority of the waste off with an old kitchen knife, then tried to shape the foam. ive been told to try an orbital sander - just took off chunks, then hand sanding - took bloodty ages, and again took chucks out, then tried the dremel, but that wanted to dig in, so in the end i had to tickle it with the angle grinder. with a slowly slowly approach it worked really well, and gave a great finish. .

this is it atop the frame

hoping to try and get a fair bit of progress next week, ive free'd myself some time to get cracking on the bike. the plan for the seat pan is for creme leather on the bottom (which should match the colour of the tank and fenders when completed) and brown leather top cover (with the embossing as previously posted). need to get some stitching lace sorted so i can finish the seat off.

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