Sunday, 5 September 2010

Had another good day on the bike today, albeit on the pretty pretty side of things.
Started up making a fake oil tank that will house all the leccys when the bike is done. Basically had an old CO2 bottle (empty) that a mate gave me when I said I had the TIG (thinking i could just that filled). Cut a good section out, and welded a few lugs inside to bolt some end caps to.

Made the end caps out of some old ally plate I had spare, and backed them with some rubber sheet I’ve been hoarding for years. Gave them a spray up to match the tank, and for practice for the gold leafing that i have been planning.

After much deliberation about what to put on the panels, i went for good old lucky number 7 (it is my first attempt at leafing after all)

Now I’ve deviated away from Scarlett’s way of doing things slightly in that I’ve some pretty detailed plans for the tank, so had a go at masking off with liquid mask. Ordered if from a hobby shop, and had watched a few tutorials on simply painting on the liquid mask.

2 thick coats and time to dry, and they were looking worth a try. I found a nice number 7 on t’internet, cut it out, and put on top of the mask. I then used a permie marker to trace the outline onto the top of the mask.

Then it’s a case of cutting out with a scalpel, and peeling off the inside of the 7. It was real easy to do!

I got some of the coloured 1 hour size from writes, and it is pretty easy to see where you have painted!!!

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