Sunday, 5 September 2010

Had another big day tinkering about in the shed today, spent a good couple of hours welding up some mounts on the tank, then prepping for it to be sealed. using one of those 3 stage kits, so its currently got rust eater (stage 1) in it until the morning!

I also made a start on the number plate hanger, had loads of bits kicking about for it, so got a cheap plate knocked up in halfords for it in the week. I'm thinking of "borrowing" an idea ive seen on here wherby i will be using a detachable plate on the forward facing side and no doubt have a go at putting a design on there some how. Anyhow -- basically got my faithful sharpie pen out, and measured up the base plate to hold the plate, break light, plus 2 LED number plate lights i picked up cheap on ebay. After a bit of cutting and filing it came out like this

then tried all the bits on to see what it looked like, the only annoyance, i assumed the 2 mounting bolts on the back of the break light were horizontal, so its currently a but squint ! (scoolboy error!!!) i'll have to do some jiggery pokery to sort that out.

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