Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ive had a big day on the bike today!
Started by playing around with the seat, the plan is to have creme leather on the bottom, and a dark brown distressed leather on the top. bit dissabpointed as the kangaroo leather lace i ordered hasnt shown yet, so i havent had chance to finish the seat. but the bottom half is all done:-

I then had a go at dying the top. i wanted quite a distressed look, so had a bit of fun with a mini blowtorch to make a "mottled" look on the leather, then used the dye that Caulfiled suggested.:-

looks a bit darker in this picture, but its come out really nice. the embossing looks wicked!

Spent a lot of time on finishing off a lot of welds and cutting off mounts that werent needed on the bike.

Then had another look at the tank. i took heed of all the advice i was given, and went back over the welds, and played around with the current. finally got it looking really good. Then got the nitromors out, and started cleaning the tank up.

Then out with the filler, and sorting out the overall shape of the tank. Still not finished, but need to have a bit more time on it tomorrow.

Finally just thought i'd have a look at the tank on the frame. overall v happy with the days work!

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