Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Little more progress on the bike today, working on smoothing out the rear fender, and the front headlamp.

Picked an old Austin headlamp up a while back, and had decided to make it an old school / modern effort. That means old looks, but modern functionality – Xenon bulbs in the old housing.

So this is the original light, the shame of it is that on the other side to this someone had started to “clean it up” (read – sand off all the quality patina!!! Bummer!)

I also picked up some Foghanger headlamps to fit in

First hurdle was that the headlamp didn’t fit into the front cover, 4mm to take off, so in true shed build fashion I mounted the angle grinder in the vice and trimmed it back

I nicked the gubbins out of the XS650 headlamp, as the guts of the foghanger were rusted to buggery and back. Luckily enough the rear mount on that accommodated the xenon bulbs really easily (just had to remove the 3 locating pins with a small grinding bit.)Et voila! The xenon fits snug as a bug!

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