Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Well thursday bike night got brought to an early conclusion for 3 main reasons tonight:-

1. I ran out of argon for the TIG, so couldnt do any more welding
2. I ran out of grinding disks, so couldnt do any more grinding
3. I ran out of food in my belly, so my brain wouldnt work.

Needless to say i had a good couple of hours on the tank finishing making and then welding the blanking panels.

Considering this is the only TIG ive really done, i'm slowly getting the hang of it all. Pretty bloody pleased with the welding ive done on these seams.

After grinding back the welds on the tank, its apparent that the tunnel welds will need some more work, there are a few hairline marks where the weld didnt quite penetrate as far down as ive ground.

Whats best with that - tig it again, or getsomeone to braze it for me to ensure its sealed?!?

Anyway one more pick of it on the bike. I love the "gascap" off to one side!

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