Tuesday, 31 August 2010

a good weekend on the bike, started on friday with cutting the rear end off the XS, and fitting the new TC Bros rear.

Instructions were pretty clear that came with the frame, and it seems like a good solid unit. fairly simple to do really, cut the back end off the frame where it curves off to the seat tube, then cut the bottom rail off. When mocked up it looked a bit like this:-

Had to fit the spare engine in to keep the think nice and straight while welding, then cranked the new TIG out!

(me hard at work!)

I was really pleased with the TIG, found it dead simple to use, got good penetration, and some clean and tidy welds.

This is the frame lifted outside for mocking up:-

My mate Donny did a stirling job putting the front end back together, and with the new rear wheel and tyre, plus my seat pan in place its starting to take a bit of shape!

we just put the tank on for mocking it up, and its pretty clerar that i need a small peanut style tank to get it looking nioce.

Next job - finish all the welds and get the engine cleaned polished and running!

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