Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Ive managed to get a XS650 in bits off Ebay, not sure that its all there, but at the very least i'm not destroying nice example (plus not paying full whack!) The plan consists of a bit of nip and tuck, followed by the addition of a TC Bros Hardtail (just been ordered from over the pond), then engine re-build and get it going.

Ive a decent level of knowledge on the fabrication side of things, but with engines its probably best to assume that I know nothing!

Picking the "bike" up on wednesday so i'll have more of an idea of what ive got (or not got as the case may be!!!)

I will be asking for a LOT of sdvice from you guys over the next few weeks / months. The goal is to get the bike running by my birthday at the end of June.

As for style, i'm gonne be basing my bike loosely on this bike

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