Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Dirty Rotter

Couldnt resist having a look to see inside the engine, so had a bash at stripping it down.

Armed with a can of WD40 I set about methodically breaking it down...

First Job - Carb off!

looks like I took apart a spiders house

next the generator on the side needed to come off, so the front casing needed to be removed. Again some gunk inside, but nothing too major - the chain is sound, and the cogs fine as well!

decided to take the top of the head off next, need to invest in some of them old spanners what have fractions on them - soildiered on carefully with the metric I had without too much problems...

I would loke to say I was surprised, but as I expected there was quite a bit of rust in there!

The piston is solid as a rock in there at the bottom of the cylinder.

next the head - took all the valve guides off, but I dont know how you remover the springs. I know there are the compression clamp things, but do they screw into place?!? New valves will probably be needed...

Unbolted the cylinder from the bottom end. was able to carefully get about a 5mm gap of lift, but the Cylinder is still solid......

Thought I'll have a look at the sump, not what I really wanted to see in the bottom!!!!!!

Ive tried to be as methodical as I can, and boxed all the bits up ready for re-assembly.

If I'm honest the engine makes so much more sence as I got to remove everything from where it should have been. Glad I got it now, I was able to piece things for the other engines in my mind as I was doing it.

Ive left the cylinder with a generous dose of WD40 in the bottom (all I had)

I'll come back to it and attempt to get the piston moving on the weekend

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