Sunday, 2 January 2011

Tank Take Two

Made a start on the tank today - the tunnel needed to be altered and a blanking panel put in place.

Didnt realise that there was a hell of a lot of filler on the tank, plus there was also a hell of a lot of silver solder holding it together.

This it the front of the tank with about 6mm of the solder ground back

I assumed that attempting to TIG the silver solder was the wrong idea (in fact it started to melt as I was grinding it back), so it all had to come off, the more I ground, the more metal there was to make up.

Didnt take too many pics of this today (not like me) but made up about 20mm all around the tank, with a big "V" heading back down the tank also.

I spent the obligatory hour or so filling with water, finding holes, draining, drying, welding and finding more holes etc....

I think a lot of it was the residue from the silver solder leaving tiny seams under the weld. With perseverance it got sealed up good and proper.  Here it is mounted atop the frame - with an idea how much I have to make up with the blanking panel.

Couldnt get any further with that as I didnt have any tube for the tunnel (havent got any the right diameter at my local fab shop - gonna have to find somewhere else)

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