Sunday, 2 January 2011

Mounting Brackets

Second job of the day - work out how I'm gonna mount the light.....

Origionally there was a bolt that fitted into a slot on the bottom of the light that allowed for the light to be adjusted. the bolt was knackered with rust, and I didnt want to have some sort of a "cup" to hold the light as I figured it would be a bit clumsy looking. As I only ultimately need up and down movement I decided to weld some metal into the slot , then could then be bolted to the bracket (still yet to make)

here it is with a load of weld filling the gaps in place...

Then it was a case of grinding down, first with the angle grinder, then patiently with the dremel (see I can do patience!!!!!)

Here it is just held in the light for a mock up.....

The lamp will be keeping that patina (not using the black one for now) but I will probably paint the bracket black at some point.

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