Sunday, 16 January 2011

One of those days!

Had one of those days today - everything seems to have fucked up at one stage or another. Today has been the first day where I REALLY needed a metal lathe to make all those little bits and bobs...

Tidy'd up the weld around the ignition, tried to nitromores the paint, but it wasnt having any of it - so I had to grind it back with a flapper disc, ground out the hole and test fitted the ignition...

Made a plate for the inside of the tank to hold the Thermic Breakers. I made the little spacers with metal in the pillar drill and the angle grinder (not advised) as they will be tucked right in the tank i didnt mind too much. Drilled 2 holes for the spacers, and 3 for the breaker holders to be pop riveted to...

With them welded up, I drilled 2 holes through the tank and welded the spacers from the outside of the tank..

Ground the outside back and it was like the holes were never there!

The tank had a quick spray with some black paint to see what it was looking like, pretty cool!

Also made a bit of a tray to strap the batterys too - its longer to stop the batterys clattering against the breakers and the ignition...

Went to fit the breaker holders and realised that my pop riviter wouldnt get in there! BOLLOCKS!

Is there another typre of riviter that I could use??

I also spent about an hour making a threaded lug for the headlamp mount, then welding it in place.

Ive come to realise a few things today - My shed is bloody tiny, sitting on a plank of wood which is zip tied to a bas bottle gives you a numb ass and bad back, all of my drill bits are made of cheese and are shit, and I need a metal lathe big time!

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