Saturday, 4 December 2010

Sing while your springing

Got a load done in the shed today, got some more gas for the welder yesterday, so I could get on with some bits I've been waitning to get done.
First thing to get done was mounting the seat. I cut off the moun the other daym and so I re-mounted it in the right place to allow me to work out where everything should be sitting. Its not permanantl welded yet, but its firmly up there!

that allowed me to work out how much I needed to add to the rod between both the springs. You can see the standard one here in the front, and the new modified one in the back.

I think that I will have to get a new rod / spindle turned up - it looks a little flimsy as it is, and of course has 2 welds in it. at least I can use the longer one as a mockup tool, and take all the measurements for the new ones.

the next pics are of the springs in situe. they will be splayed out like in the pictures. I really like the look of them. I will need to make some lugs to weld to the frame to mount the bottom spring too.

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