Thursday, 2 December 2010

Leather Stamp

As I have decided to re-make the seat pan for the bike I have a chance to play about with some more leatherwork. I notices my car has a logo embossed into the leather, and with a bit of looking on the net I found that if you use a stamp you can emboss a design into the leather. A chance for a different techniques to try - so of course I'm straight on it.
Initial thoughts were to use some nylon and carve out the relief of the design. as a first attempt I used a rough piece of nylon, stuck a design to it and attempted to cut it out with a craft knife:-

this was it after the paper was peeled back, and I coloured it with a sharpie to see how it looked. Its ok - I had to lose the lettering as I couldnt get the right level of detail, but maybe I'll have another try with a scalpel to see if i can get the design any sharper and deeper.

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