Sunday, 5 December 2010

Muddy Mending

Steve had sent me down this old fender I beleve to have been on a truimph once - well actually he sent down 2, the one I wanted and this one - which turns out to be spot on for the job!

Nice and wide for the back wheel thats going in there. It was in a bit of a sorry state with loads of cracks and holes from various bits and bobs being bolted to it, so this morning its had a bit of a fixing session!

this is where the most of the damage was:-

plenty of grinding and welding and its not too bad now. still needs a bit more work, but is fine for initial mocking up. I cut the bottom section off as I wanted a fairly stubby fender, and mocked up in place its looking a little something like this:-

I wont do too much to it now until I have the wheels properly mounted, but it would thing the top needs a little trim, but apart from that is should be perfik!!!

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