Sunday, 5 December 2010

Number plate illumination

Ive tried a number of different ways to have the number plate mounted on the bike, but i finally think ive got it sussed. I have rolled a couple of bits of steel and welded them together with some 16mm steel tube, then over the top of that Ive made a shroud that will hold the LED's to light the number plate. I welded the top on this morning and started making a holder for the LED's which will slot inot the top as in the first pic. the hope is that i can use 2 x 10mm ultra bright LED's pointing in at each other to provide sufficient light. failing that i'll have to use some smaller 5mm Superbrights pointing down at the slot I've cut.

Iits a pain as Ive a problem with my power supply - all that etching has taken its toll and it keeps blowing fuses!

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