Monday, 6 December 2010

Leather Embossing

Couldn’t resist a crack with the leather stamp this morning – I cut the stamp out of the block, and cut down the edges to make sure they were well clear:-

I gave the leather scrap a quick 30 second soak in some warm water, then sandwiched up the block, leather and a flat steel sheet in the back to make sure it has a good surface to bite onto.

Tightened it up in the vice and left it for a bit while I had brekkie and sorted out the Monday morning emails!

It probably had about 45 mins in there before I got bored, and I went back out to the shed, un tightened, and I was delighted to see this:-

The dark colour seems to be a mixture of the sharpie pen and the leather taking on a bit of a darker colour.

I dried it out with Miss TC’s hair drier, then thought the best way to see the design is to whack some dye on it to see what it’ll be like.

Shall I say I’m more than slightly impressed with the results!

I’ve put another in there to see what the results are like if I leave it in all day! I’ll be using Toddy’s press on Thursday to do the leather for my seat with any luck!

1 comment:

  1. I'll pardon the pun!

    Yeh, it's come out really nice. Should be a good detail to go on my bikes!