Friday, 17 December 2010

Fakey oil tank spacer

Started to work on the band and mount for the fakey oil tank. The plan is to have a centre piece hard mounted to the frame, and the 2 halves of the jap tankbolted to it. Ive never tried anything like this before!!!

Cut out a 50mm wide strip the same length as the circumferance of the tank, and then used the roller to make it nice and round:-

I cut some sheet to the shape of the outside of the Jap tanks, and then bent the strip to match the curve of the end caps (roughly!)

 I started tacking the end cap on, each section I formed around the outside of the oval to get it to take the shape. this is it all tacked up on one side...

Same on the other side, and then it was a case of welding it all up. I feel like i'm really getting to grips with my welder now, and an pretty impressed with how it has come out!

Here it is between the 2 halves of the JAP tank. i'm pretty happy with it. stopped there for the night - some christmas drinkies are in order (a week to go, but any excuse!!!)

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