Thursday, 9 December 2010

Cushy job!

Made a start on covering seat #2 today. Cheers to Matt for the foam once again, your a star!

I had popped over to Toddys with a few bits today (migh – what big wheels you have TC!), and used his press to put the embossing into the actual seat leather. With the foam in hand it was off to the shed!

I’ll not waffle on as i have done this once already, but i’ll put a few pics up of what i did:-
Plenty of spray adhesive (half a can actually – need to get some more before i stick the top leather on!) and a 20 min dry on the radiator.

A little tip – i super glued around all the edges to get it to hold. The contact adhesive will hold it, but unless you want to try and hold it in place for about 20 mins use my lazy option!

I got my flapper discs through today – perfect for doing the foam cutting – don’t be too over eager though cos it can dig in!

Then i wanted a bit of extra detail in a reverse bum crack in the cushioning...

And here it is back inside. I’ll need some spray adhesive and i’m waiting for some leather for the bottom before i can move on to the top and importantly the stitching!

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