Monday, 16 April 2012

Foot Pegs

Taking a couple of days off work to work on the bike.

Today's efforts were:-

Mega mount

Made it from 6mm stainless I had lying round. It's fecking hard stuff, took an age to drill the holes. I thought about polishing it up, but when I bent up the step it had a good few hammer marks in it. I decided to attack it with a grinding burr and rough it up a bit!

I think I'll end up welding a tab on the frame to bolt it too...

On the list was also foot pegs. I had these old ones with the bike. Old rusty pitted and with dreadful casting marks. 

I cut the old peg mounts off and got cracking with the new ones.
Drilled through the legs, and held in the right place while I welded the tabs on.

Then with a bit of tweaking I got the pegs lined up properly

Then cleaned up with the grinder. 

Pretty happy with the results! I'll need new rubbers for them, but really suit the bike in my eyes....

And the other side to match...

I'll be tryin to sort the seat out tomorrow so I can get it over to mr caulfield.

Also have a few thoughts on making some side covers for the battery area....

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