Sunday, 22 April 2012

Getting there - Its a Roller!

Started yesterday morning by welding up my pipes, went pretty well literally finished the last weld and my argon run out!
Smoothed the welds down as well as I could, there are a couple of bits that I'll put some more weld on, but they look fine for now.
A mate has given me the use of a paddock stand, which is ideal for getting the wheels on the bike. This meant a shed tidy, and move the bench that the bike has been on, but it was well worth it!

How good does that look!?!

If anything I would have preferred a slightly fatter rear tyre on the back, but I can live with it for now!

Couldn't resist putting the rear muddy and tank on to have. Look....

Then I thought bugger it - I may as well put the engine in to have a look.....

Oh- go on- may as well put the pipes on to have a good look!!

Really happy with it. I'm even contemplating running it on a daytime MOT to start with....

1 comment:

  1. That top pipe looks long, te-he! FWIW, when you do mine I want the lower shorter.
    Seriously, looks awesome! Congrats.