Sunday, 29 April 2012

F*cking Weather!

Well - what shitty weather! It's absolutely hammering down and SOOOOOO windy up here!

Only had a couple of hours on the bike today. Not sorted out lighting in the shed yet, and it's too dark not to have the door open. That means I'm getting rain 3 foot into the shed. Not good at all!

Anyways, being the impatient bugger that I am I decided to nick the rubbers from the relic and fit them on the scrambler. I will put the new ones on the relic when they arrive, but I couldn't hold back on progress.

The carbs look great, and can't wait to get the bike fired up. Had loads of little bits to finish up on the engine- oil return pipe could be fitted with the new banjo bolts and washers I bought, had to use helicoil replacements on 2 of the tappet cover stud holes, and a general go around everything and tighten up..

Sorry for the shit photos, but I have to stand outside to take the pics!

Every time I have rebuilt an engine I make the same mistake - i always forget to push in the bearings for the cam shaft, so when I go to put the covers on they don't fit. I'll need to slacken off the head bolts, tighten the covers in, then re-torque the head down...

It was at about this point that I got fed up- my legs were soaking, and I was freezing!

Time for some fab work in the other (dryer) shed!

This is the rear light I want to use - its a bike light I picked up a while back. Small, neat and I think really stylish!

Disassembled it into its pieces, needed a bulb replacement as it was just a screw in single filament one...

Our very own Chris donated a pair of Harley side lights that he had spare when I saw him last. They have an LED section that could be unscrewed at the top. Had a play around with a battery, and it had a duel aspect to it with 2 circuits- perfect!

Now in the past I would have tried to do some complicated fabrication effort on this, but instead I just drilled through the bottom of the plastic base...

Drilled it slightly under size so the thread cut into the plastic. Jobs a goodun!

I may trim the plastic back slightly at some point, but it's not a priority ATM....

Finally, I measured up for the headlight, and drilled and cut it out of 8mm alloy...

Once cleaned up a bit it was fitted to the bike. I wanted the headlight tucked in deep between the forks, happy with where it's at..... I'll trim it down a bit at a later date, it's a bit rough and ready and cumbersome, so I'll sort it when I have time.

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