Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Tank Troubles

Picked up nitro mores on the way back- they have changed it now, it's like swafega now, green and shit!

Absolute waste of time, after 20 mins it had done absolutely jeff all! The old stuff I used on the bottom had the paint of in 2 mins flat....


I spoke to Toddy on the making of the tank. Recommendation was to cut the whole tunnel out, blank off then cut a new tunnel in.

Took my time with a skitter disk and cut as close to the seam as possible.

With the nitro ores having no impact I cleaned off the paint with a quick tickle with the angle grinder with a shagged flapper disk to take the worst off but not eat the metal.

After that it was a die grinder with a scotch pad attachment on it to clean it all off...

Made a paper template of the metal needed

That was then cut out of steel, the blackening cleaned off and tacking into place started...

Started just tacking, and then beating the seams together to get it as close a fit as possible.

I find tacking together tanks using a TIG bloody hard work on my own. Could really do with either another set of arms, or someone holding the tank together. No matter how good a fit I seem to get the heat from the tacks warps things slightly. 

What a palaver.

My mask was also playing up, it seems to be going too dark, so need to play around with it before I do all the seams properly...

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