Monday, 3 October 2011

Rotter Top Yoke

Cracked on with the yokes tonight while i could grab an hour. I used the speedo mounting holes for the yokes, but had to grind off the little mounts for them first...

I thought about welding the yokes i cut off back on, but they were battered to hell and back!

I had some XS lowers and random tops in the shed - luckily the bottoms were steel, so i could weld directly to the yoke..

I drilled out the holes to take the risers, the lined them up with some bars while i tacked them in place..

then i attempted to weld them up. The yoke was steel (I assume) and welded ok, but it did leave a lot of crap around which must have been blown out of the weld area...

with the tops on...

also started to clean up the bottom yoke - that red paint is bloody hard work to shift!

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