Thursday, 27 October 2011

Rain, Rain go away!

Had enough of this bloody rain holding me back with the bike, so I had a word with myself and got out there working on it!

Not so many photos due to the rain but ticked off the list was:-

Fit the new spindle that toddy shortened for me (no more stunt pegs)
Pulled the bike out and cleared all the crap from around it
Turned the bike round to make the wiring easier
Welded on the kickstand (so pleased that's on!)
Installed the Boyer system in the head, and set the timing
Fitted the clutch cable (although it needs adjusting)
Widened the hole in the fakey oil bag
Made up the ht leads and tightened up the spark plugs

Tonight's bollock is that the exhaust clamps didn't appear to fit into the engine!

Need to have another look, but think I'm gonna have to cut them AGAIN!

Fiendishly close to finishing now!

I did have to give into the rain after 3 hours, it was hammering down!

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