Monday, 2 May 2011

Rock and Roller!

With my new lathe purchase en route, today was a bit of a mad rush to tidy the shed and get things in order.
The arrival also meant that the Relic is now spending its first night out under the stars!

I got some cheap hammerite spray to keep the rust away, and sprayed up the frame..

Also had to get the bike a roller - so the latest wheel set-up was put into place. the rear is now a 16", awaiting a 16x5.0 tyre (didn't have a tube to change it over) which will balance it out a fair bit - looks a bit rubbish like this...

Then i started to hang some of the bits ive been spending all my spare hours off of it

it now leaves me with the rear mud guard to re-think. The one I had lined up doesn't really fit the bill at the moment, so i think i'll be having a nose at what others are about. I may even consider a sissy bar so I can put a tent and sleeping bag on the back.....

I think i'm gonna have to re-thing the seat springs, and also move the seat mount as it seems to high as it currently is!

Should have had this a roller a LONG time ago - working on parts in isolation is not ideal!

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