Saturday, 21 May 2011

BSA Gearbox for the 45

done a bit of tinkering this morning - oil leak on the stock XS650, so that's gonna need a strip down, had a little play with the metal lathe, and then the gearbox i scored for this showed up with el postino

its a little bit brusied and battered, but structurally sound enough.

no movement in the cog, so thought i would have a little investigate...

took the panel off the bottom and had a nice surprise!

the gears looked to be in fine fettle! couldn't move them, so just on face value of the teeth i can see, but all seems to be good in there.

I had a look in the end section, and apart from a little clean up it all seemed in fine form.

I didn't strip it down any further, as I didn't know what I was doing. but I'm pretty pleased with it. its always a worry when you buy something and your not sure what state it'll be in.

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