Friday, 6 May 2011

Afternoon's work

Bit of progress on the bike this afternoon.
First job was to put the Avon 16x5.00 tyre on the wheel I picked up
from Stafford. after about 30 mins of trying my hardest with the tyre
levers (and its been bloody close today) I gave up and went to a local 
bike tyre shop I was told about last week.

They put the tyre on (with loads of grumbles about how the tyre was
too big etc) and got home to try it out on the bike..

Much better than the other tyre - the front end still seems a bit high
 for me at the moment, but not as bad as I first thought.

I tried a couple of mudguards i had lying about - the one I wanted to
 use is just too wide and square on profile, so it got shelved, however
 this one seems to work alright (not perfect as the profile is still a
bit too square for my liking).

I also decided to have a small sissy bar on the back - I want to 
be able to use the bike and defo put some camping gear on there, 
so started playing around with some welding rods...

 it started evolving shape a bit

Then I made it up in 6mm stainless rod. It will probably need to 
be in a thicker gauge than this if I want to put any weight on it, 
but it'll do for now..

Next up - I've been absolutely dying to see what it looks like
with the engine in the whole......

pretty pleased!

the fakey oil tank had to come off as it is too close to the engine, 
and looks like it will interfere with the chain..

Hopefully picking some bits up from the post office tomorrow,
including a different set of springs for the seat.
I'm getting excited though - the end is in sight!

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