Thursday, 5 July 2012

Pipe Dreams!

Amazing what you can do in a couple of hours....

Knocked off work early, and got stuck into the pipes. Had exactly what I wanted in my head, so it was just a case of attempting to execute a plan!

So I cut my tailpipes of the headers to start, then extended the back with the spare stainless I had from the scrambler

Et voila- low and long pipes!!!

Haha- as you guessed, nothing is ever that easy with me!

YEH!!!!!!!!!!! Big ass upsweeps or whatever the hell you call them... Rain catchers!!!

Knicked the pipes that arrived the other day for Chris ( don't worry mate, replacements are already ordered) and they were just what I wanted!

Now I would imagine the best way to do this is to tack it up on the bike.... Hmm.. My bike is about 50 yards from the welder, with about 10 foot vertical difference... Shit!

Mocked the bits up that I could and worked out the angles. You can see the bit of the U bend that I cut up on the floor...

My saving grace- I got a pair of baffles for them the other day, I like a loud bike, but not too loud, so I wanted to put these in the pipes. As it happens they were perfect as they were a really tight fit, and allowed me to put them into the main header, and control the angle of twist...

I also used a bit of angle iron to try and keep it all straight when welding..

On the bike...

OH HELL YEH!!!!!!!!!

Did the same on the other side

I think my sissy bar is slightly lop sided, and the pipes aren't the same length yet, so I'll have to sort that out, but it looks just how I wanted.

Finally I made a quick no frills headlight mount!

I love my project once more!!!

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  1. Awesome, love the sissy bar also.