Thursday, 17 May 2012

MOT tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Stuggling with the balistic batteries - dying really quickly. Had issues with the charging circuit today pptom has been a great help on the phone - cheers mate.

Well its all together and "running". it will only run on choke, and start on the right amount of throttle. Tried to put the foam air cleaners on, but they wouldnt fit - i split the rubber on one trying.... maybe i can cut out the extra rubber if it will restrict air flow...

heres a little video of it ticking over rather fast!!!

Any advice on getting it setup would be great, a few questions:-

the breathers on the intake rubbers - should they be covered at all times unless using vacuum guages, or are they ok to be open?

i have the carbs tilted to the side to allow for the fuel taps (error on my behalf!) will that be a problem?

which screws do what on the carbs - 

there are ones on the top with the cables. i guess they set the ballance of the 2 when lifted

there is a big screw that sets the lowest point on the floats - i played with them a bit and that affects the tickover rate

there is a screw near where the air cleaner meets the carb (furthest away from the engine) - what do they do.....

gonna have about 2-3 hours to fettle tomorrow before i head off for the MOT - would be great to have it in some sort of order before then.....

I am pretty happy with how its looking too!

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  1. had a good paw over yours in the paddock on saturday - i'll make some sense of it soon enough. was just a shame not to get it down there, was well eager on the sidelines to have a good crack at it.

    I'll have a good look over the bike in the next couple of weeks and iron it all out. Ive been told to have a look at the jetting in the carbs, plus i need to sort the positioning of the fuel taps out.

    Was a bit of wishful thinking to get a pile of parts together so quickly.

    Anyways - we had a great day at dirt quake, nice work you guys!