Monday, 21 May 2012

Dirt Quake

Dirt Quake was a really great event. Tombo and me went down on the bikes, thought it was gonna be a very wet ride, but it turned out to be fine!

Showed up and left the bikes - I never remember to take pics of my own bike - so pinched these from Detroit Chris' blog (was lovely to meet his good lady too!)

Me and Tombo watching the action!

This was bloody lovely - I would still have taken Milo's 45 home before this - but it was clean as a whistle and given me plenty of food for thought when I get round to mine...

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  1. I realise it's old news but I've only just found your blog . . . that Yammy of yours is an absolute cracker, totally cool. The pipes are so perfect for it, wonderful lines and excellent proportion on the mufflers, great job mate.