Sunday, 20 May 2012

best laid plans and all....


Had battery issues, so had to use a huge battery. No room in the electrics box, so taped it to the tank for the MOT  

As for the MOT, I didn't ACTUALLY make it to the test centre, so it didn't fail...

Broke down or cut out around 7-8 times in 9 miles as I tried my best to get across Leeds to the test centre. The best was 10 yards onto the busiest roundabout in Leeds when the main fuse popped. I had to push- sprint the bike to safety 

So I managed to get it 1/2 a mile from the test centre when it cut out the last time ( due to the carbs). 

At this point I wished I had an electric foot, had eaten or drunk in the last 4 hours, or had the energy to keep kicking. Unfortunately none were available.

I attempted to call upon the strength of 10 tigers, but my phantom powers were absent.

It's then I saw that I was 20 mins late and a greggs was 100 yards down the road!

Regained my strength, phoned the guy to apologise, and phoned a mate with a van...

I then pushed the bike 3 1/2 miles half way across Leeds to my mates place - that was fun!!!

I did get some good shots though...

That's my bike building limit reached for a while. Not too disappointed, didn't really have enough time to set it up.

Gonna have a couple of weeks off it now, and just ride when I get chance.

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  1. Your Yam is really cute. Sorry for your bad electricity adventures :/