Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Chopping up other peoples shit!

Spent the afternoon over my buddy Elliott's place. Been bugging him for months to do something about the huge tank on him BMW, any he finally picked up a dinted old tank to play about with.

He had already played about with this bike quite a lot, the rear end has been cut and cropped, shorter seat made etc.... The tank was massive though. It would hold enough fuel to circumnavigate the world, but didn't really work well with the trimmed down bike ( in my eyes!)

Look at the size of it! You could smuggle a small african country in that!

Anyways, armed with my grinder, splitter discs and pinstripe tape we set about it!

The tunnel was pretty epic inside, the tank Was in good nick, not like the rusty old shit I'm used to chopping about...

This is the line we settled on. Plenty chopped out, but still a very practical tank for every day use.
I had a load of dings to knock out which went well. It's home with me now for tacking up, before the next fit back on the bike. Loads of making good to do on the bottom, but it's a marked improvement in our eyes, while still looking fairly original...

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