Saturday, 15 September 2012

Bits and Bobs

Had a couple of hours out on the bike. One of many days of doing little shitty bits and bobs I imagine....

Carbs are on, but the cables are too short for my bars...

Air filters don't fit!!! Need to re- make the backs with the tube offset so they don't interfere with the frame. I'm not too disappointed as the welding on the first ones I made was rather shit!

Re-made the rear wheel spacers, the wheel was offset to the right (when on the bike) so hopefully I can now mount the rear mudguard

Welded some support onto the kickstand mount- will need to go back over this when I strip for paint.

Finally I had to cut a cross member fom the back of the frame. The new seat springs didn't line up with anything, so cut the old one out, then weld a new one in.

I can properly sit on the bike now. It's comfy as hell!

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