Thursday, 18 August 2011


got some more done on the bike yesterday.

welded up the struts

was pretty tricky welding it, but it looks OK...

I'm unsure how to attach it to the fender yet - I made a top bar, 
but I'm worried that it might be a bit bulky:-

Turned the wheel around, and got the torque arm in the right place

I turned up a spacer out of ali - will it be OK bridging that gap - 
should I use a fairly thick stainless bolt for it so it doesn't sheer?

Finally I had a look at the seat and in particular the arc for the 
springs. instead of moving the rear spring mounts, I opted to 
move the pivot point back.

I think this is the 4th time I've cut the mount off the frame so far!

then with a spacer I welded it in its new place...

I need to have another look, as it moved when welding - so 
it'll be grinder time once again.

No playing today unfortunately.

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