Monday, 1 August 2011

Hayride antics!

I'm sure you all will have seen all the photos from the hayride on various other blogs, and as I didn't take many pictures this will lead to a drab post...

However, what a cracking event! Immersed in the culture that I've grown to love on my journey, and able to meet up with a load of guys while there. Some faces to names, some I'd never met before, all top blokes tho!

Sorry again to Lyn for destroying his tent while drunk in my pants! Allegations were made of an elbow drop from an oak tree which I can neither confirm or deny!

What the hayride did do is get me focussed on my plans for my builds...

1. Finish the relic and stop fannying about with it

2. The 45 project to be sorted, plenty of ideas stolen along the way!

3. Get the indian project sorted, with a stretched rear frame to accommodate my size!

Anyway a few snaps I did take...

All loaded and ready to rock!

Me and PPTom just off the m25 somewhere!!

Some of the bikes when we arrived

Night time shot!

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