Monday, 15 August 2011

Progress with the Relic!

Feels good to be posting up some progress!

Not got masses to show, but there was loads of little bits 
done. had to get some metal stock in, so had a trip to the 
metal supermarket to get what i needed - and picked up a
bobcat bedford on the way back! (my ears are still hurting
from the noise of that bike!)

I had a couple of bits to turn up, firstly a blanking set for where
the electric start used to be. All turned up out of aluminium, I
just need a locking nylock bolt to blank it all in place.

The wheels are changing for the final time (I promise!) I got a 
twin (leader or trailing - i never know the difference) from a guy 
from Liverpool a couple of weeks back, so I made up some 
spacers to get the wheel mounted in place. it should have a 
decent bit of stopping power now too!

the spindle is the old one from the wide front end I had - which 
toddy had made - I'll need to shorten it down now to fit....

the bracket under the fork to hold the spindle has seen much 
better days, so I'll be on the hunt for one of them - look at the 
state of it!

rear wheel spacers are to be done in the morning. the rear 
wheel is a bit shabby, but its structurally sound. just needs a 
clean up and the spokes looking at.

the stance has changed once again, but its high on the blocks 
with no weight on the forks, so it'll sit plenty lower than this when 
its on the road. I think in time I will change up the rear tyre for 
something a bit more beefy, but I'll have it running on the road
 before then, and will just run the fender with plenty of clearance!

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