Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Street Scramber Brake

knocked off working today about 4 so ive had about 2 hours till the light died to have a play in the shed. havent done it in a while, and it felt GOOOOOOOOOD!  

Me and Tombo went halfers on a big drum of Jizer for parts cleaning. Havent picked up my parts washer yet, so it was a case of washing the brake parts in a bucked and scrubbing with a toothbrush!

both the lever and the calliper came out nicely. I changed up the lever on the handlebar control as the one that came with as bent to hell and back!

I realised that I haven't got a set of torque (star drive) screwdrivers, so the calliper only had a superficial clean, and I couldn't change up the pads yet. I will probably spray the calliper back black when I get it stripped down.

I then had a crack at the adaptor plate, the template for which was so kindly supplied by Mr Pixie! 

I had some 5mm Alloy there, not 6mm as had been specified, but should be ok (Hopefully)

I scribed the outline as carefully as i could to the template that I had cut out, then centre punched the holes...

then with the angle grinder I tickled it to death to get the rough shape before finishing with a file...

checked the holes lined up alright prior to drilling (all was ok!)

and there you have it!

I tried it on the calliper, and after I had run through the threads with a tap, it fitted nicely!

By this time the light had gone, and I haven't fitted any lights in the new shed yet, so a bit of a crap picture of it mounted...

I assume its fitted correctly.....

The wheel I'm using isn't an XS650 one, so I may have to make the disc spacer to a different size to what Pixie said originally.

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  1. Good to be back at it!! Is The Relic done now?