Friday, 3 February 2012

45 continues

Had half a day over at toddy's today. Plenty of chatting and discussing the plans for the project ensued...

I got a new primary sprocket delivered a few weeks back and took it over along with the freshly powder coated rear triumph hub. I also had a rim and spokes from central wheels. The rim was supposed to have been powder coated black too, but the fecking ijuts hadn't done it, so that'll have to be coated prior to building.

We had a play about with the BSA box, triumph gearbox and primary.

To run the 450 rear tyre the gearbox will be placed in a way that wouldn't line up with the primary sprocket on the engine. After a few suggestions we decided that a custom triplex sprocket is in order for the engine, which will allow the chain to align with the gearbox.

Toddy also knows what way to progress, so he will be chipping away at things like the gearbox mount and axle plates when I'm not there when he has time spare.

I did get some of the small parts for the rear hub bead blasted, and the bearings in the back wheel ready for mr T to build up the rear wheel when the rim comes back from powder coating.

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