Friday, 10 February 2012

Scrambler top end build

Started this morning with a tidy shed and the top end off the new engine.

The bike came with 3 boxes of parts, so I rooted round in them and found numerous sub boxes of parts. Everything was stripped and put into polystyrene dishes, with it's contents written on the rim. Was like childplay putting it back together.

A full set of top end gaskets, the engine has been reported to +.25 and a brand new set of pistons and rings were also in the box (plus the old ones. All bolts and nuts had been cleaned and in some cases polished!

I had never fitted or seated valves on my own before, I had help in the past. Seated the valves in place, cleaned it up, then spend fooking ages trying to get the damn collets in. After probably an hour with no success I came into the warm for a cuppa with the boss, and to text tombomb out how shite I am!

Returned back to the shed, first try back with a cuppa in the tank and BOOM, the bigger went straight in place. The other 3 went in fairly easily despite my valve spring compressor bendi somewhat (I don't normally buy cheap tools, guess I know why now!).

Anyways, got it all buttoned up to the valve covers. It looks great, I could kiss the guy I got it from!

Still some bits and bobs to do on it, but the cold was wrecking my hands, and I need to get into town.

Well excited about this batboy, might try and sort the tyres and wheels out tomorrow morning on the way back from Donny ( found some cheap jizer parts cleaning liquid)

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