Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Todays playtime consisted of making (or starting the ball rolling) the forward controls. Ive been looking into ones people have made, and they tend to be turned and knurled efforts – nothing wrong with that – ive a little lathe in the shed, but not very fun / dirty bobberish. Instead of neatly turning away at a nice bit of aluminium i reached for the trusted angle grinder and got cracking!!!

So this old gas bottle will make the “pads” for the break and shifter.

Plates cut out, and sized to match

I put some extra supports on the back to add some strength, just some tube i had lying around.

This allowed for a bit of extra detailing on the back – there is always room for some form along with function. I like the spiral detail that this has allowed.

I welded them onto some basic arms – these won’t get finished until later on, and will need a bit more detailing.

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