Sunday, 31 October 2010

Bolt on bitties

With the engine clamped in place there were loads of little bits and bobs that could be bolted on. oil lines to the head, side casings etc...

Each one of them took me a while having not done it before, and not having stripped the engine. plenty of head scratching, rummaging in various boxes and tins.

The next job was to fit the minkuni carb - again I have never had to do this before - its a push fit to get it into to rubber seals. after trying several ways i finally decided to split the carbs so they could be twisted on. worked well, appart from it was difficult to re-connect what I deduce is the choke bar from between the two bodies.

Also got to fit the metal air filters - they look well smart on there!

Above all yesterday was a great learning curve for me - so many times I looked at a certain part and because of the way it connected or what it connected to it made real sence as to its purpose!

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